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The Pippies Vision


Pippies is a vibrant place where children and educators explore together in an engaging and natural environment. The play-based experiences on offer at Pippies support children to have a childhood rich in creativity, joy with a deep sense of belonging.    


Our Purpose

To support the growth, care, and overall development of each child through play-based learning.

Our Strategic Priorities: 
  1. Develop and promote our unique identity as the ‘special place’

  2. Share and promote best practice in early childhood education

  3. Strengthen partnerships and engagement with the local community  

  4. Focus on our people

Our qualified educators at Pippies provide a curriculum in which through play-based learning, children’s understandings of concepts, creative thinking and inquiry processes are enhanced.


We provide the following to support the growth, care and development of each child: 


  • Infant-Toddler room (0-3 year olds)

  • Preschool room (3-5 year olds)

  • Engaging programs

  • Long opening hours

  • Nutritional meals

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