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Preschool Enrichment Program

The Preschool Enrichment Program is for our children who will be attending primary school in the following year. This part of the preschool program takes places after lunch in our multi-purpose room. Up to 10 children per day participate in the Preschool Enrichment Program.

The small group size allows the educator to create opportunities for in depth inquiry—where children can ask questions, investigate, gather information, consider possibilities, form tentative conclusions and test and justify them. When possible we engage children in long term projects which give them opportunities to feel capable as they see their ideas carried out, to cooperate together, and do real work.

Some of the goals we seek to achieve include:

•Develop a passion for learning; •Becoming more independent; •Becoming responsible for actions; •Enhancing expressive language skills; •Showing empathy and respect for others; •Sharing opinions; •Enhancing creativity; •Developing fine and gross motor skills; •Improving social and emotional skills such as conflict resolution; •Provide activities that promote pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills; •Becoming critical thinkers and problem solvers; and •Building an awareness of the world beyond school and a respect for the environment.

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