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About Us


Pippies Early Childhood Centre opened in March, 1995.  Pippies is a community based centre. This means that we are not for profit, (i.e., we are not a private business). We are managed by a committee made up from parents of children who attend Pippies, and/or interested community members. The committee is responsible for financial and staffing decisions and also consults with the Director in matters involving the overall running and management of the centre.


Due to being not-for-profit it also means that we are able to :

  • Provide a team of educators that are more highly       qualified than current regulations require

  • Provide a higher educator to child ratio than what is   required in the current regulations

  • Invest any money generated from fees and/or fundraisers directly back into the centre.


Artwork by a Pippies preschool child, (3 years old) - "My Bicycle"

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