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Our Philosophy


At Pippies Early Childhood Centre we value the early years of childhood as this is where the foundations of lifelong learning are being laid. We strive to provide holistic support of the child’s exclusive requirements and interests in a nurturing environment that fosters the child’s development across all developmental domains. Our educational programs are reflective of emergent curriculum as we advocate for children as the protagonists of their own learning.




At Pippies we aim to be an integral part of our local community, a heart and soul for our rapidly expanding community, and to offer a service which is flexible and accessible. We believe in peaceful cooperation and promote honest and open communication. We work together with families and the wider community to continually develop strong partnerships. All staff strive to offer every child unhurried attention and affection through meaningful interactions. We welcome and respect all cultures who enter our service. We value the unique contribution each individual makes to the fabric of the centre in particular the thoughts and voice of the children. We are committed to ensuring full participation of all children and believe that all children are capable and have the capacity to succeed, regardless of diverse circumstances and abilities. 




At Pippies we recognise the benefits of having a welcoming, relaxed, and friendly environment. We are guided by Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics as we promote children’s play as the most effective and appropriate vehicle for learning. We abide by the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child and believe that each child is a unique individual and should be viewed, respected and treated as such. We understand that every day is an opportunity to learn something new through play, learning from others, discovery, exploration, and adventure. Staff encourage two-way communication between themselves and families as parent input is one of our most valuable resources to support the education and development of the children in our care.




At Pippies we adhere to the Early Years Learning Framework, (EYLF), in our programs as we foster learning and development for all ages. We are conscious of the fact that a child’s early years are a window of opportunity when the majority of brain development occurs and see every interaction a child has with his or her environment as an opportunity for learning. The children in our care will be provided with experiences that nurture their physical health and wellbeing, social competence, emotional maturity, communication skills, and knowledge of the world around them. Our children’s development of independence, confidence, decision making, problem solving and social skills through play are all paramount to our daily interactions, experiences, and events. We place a very high value in a sustainable future and encourage children to positively contribute in creating an    eco-friendly and sustainable environment. Our educators aim for ongoing personal and professional development showing a commitment to their profession. Pippies will continue to remain on the cutting edge of the early childhood field where staff, committee, families, and children benefit and are excited by these opportunities.


Pippies Early Childhood Centre’s philosophy was written in conjunction with the feedback and input from staff, families and the management committee. Please feel free to contact the Director if you have any suggestions, queries, or concerns.



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